Steve & Mindy Harris

Martineau Homes really seemed to be able to give us the things we needed to be able to produce the type of home we wanted. When we came to Scott & Chris, they were able to help us find a plan, a plan that would fit our lot here, and help us not have a cookie cutter home. We were able to customize and do everything we wanted to our home.
One thing that was good about working with Martineau Homes was that they helped us design everything, they took our ideas, and didn’t try to push their own ideas. They were able to take the ideas we had and make it work on the lot we had. There were lots of times, that we had an idea and they helped us develop it.
They were able to take the ideas we had and make it work on the lot we had.
Jim was our superintendent, and we didn’t have to worry the job wasn’t getting done, he was always there working hard. We also had a decorator/designer, Karen, who helped with all the major decorating decisions. Without her it would have been a mess, and I wouldn’t have had time to drive around looking for ideas and samples. She had them all for me and that was a huge help.
I was gone for most of the summer, it was a comfort and a good opportunity that we had to build with Martineau Homes, I didn’t have to be here the whole time.

Brian & Jana Watts

We began to build a home that was going to be historical to a certain time period, about 110 years ago. We found a historical expert that helped us with plans and with the architecture of the home and all of that; but ultimately it came down to Chris being able to take the plans, and get a team together, one that could create a project that looked realistically like it was from 100 years ago. I feel like we did that, and amazingly we did it with a lot of ease. He was able to bring people together, and the wonderful thing is, it was the same people who built our house 7 years ago. People that I already had relationships with, felt comfortable with, and had back into my home in Kaysville; and these same people came together and built this home that’s very different from what you see built today.
After completing our home, we held a party here for all the people who helped build, and when we got together that evening I really, truly felt that we were amongst friends. We weren’t just amongst people who had done a job. These were people we had developed relationships with, came to trust, came to love, I really call them my friends today, because of the job they did for us on our home 7 years ago and on our home here, and we love it. We feel very positive and grateful we have that kind of relationship with Martineau Homes.
I think Martineau Homes has figured out how to do the job right and when you do it right, your customers are happy.
We never were in a position where we had to be the ones pointing out the problems, they were always taken care of before we ever identified them. It was a very pro active approach. I think Martineau Homes has figured out how to do the job right and when you do it right, your customers are happy.
We love it, we had a great experience, we had every confidence that Martineau Homes could do a project that ultimately would be different than anything we had ever built before.

Mark & Sheila Ross

We wanted to do something exceptional, something extraordinary, so we had choices to make. We talked to different builders; and when it came down to it we knew, going into the process, who we wanted to build our home because we had seen Martineau’s homes before. They are exceptional, and that’s what we wanted to create, something that was different. Their attention to detail was extraordinary. I’m not easy to please, I’m kind of a picky guy, I was here a lot and was looking a lot and there wasn’t anything that got past the foreman. I was thrilled with the experience.
It can be a challenging endeavor to build a home, but this was seamless. We made a lot of changes, we did some things that were not part of the original agreement, but they were dealt with in a professional manner and the results, you can see for yourself, we think are outstanding.
I was thrilled with the job.
We wanted to do something exceptional, something extraordinary, so we had choices to make.

Spencer & Sherry Young

I had a wonderful experience with Martineau Homes, the whole team was great. Any time there was a problem it was addressed right then, and it was addressed how I wanted it to be. The subs were all great, they were there when they should have been. The design team was wonderful in helping me imagine things that I didn’t think of myself,
they were able to help me put together the look that I wanted.
I felt like I didn’t have the expertise to pick a lot of things that I needed to, and they were right there with me making me feel like it was mine, yet having their knowledge and experience behind us.
The experience was perfect all along the way, and at the end, closing and moving in, I can really say, “Gosh, I love my contractor” unlike my buddies and friends that said their experiences were bad, I had a wonderful experience.
I can really say, “Gosh, I love my contractor. I had a wonderful experience”
After you’ve closed and after you’ve moved in, here it’s been a year and a half since we’ve been in this house, if we have an issue or a problem, which there have been few, but if we have a question we call. They are here, and they follow up after the fact, which is a wonderful experience as well. Sometimes I think, that businesses, once they make the sell they are gone, and we feel we have someone we can call to help us through if we have any questions.
We felt the construction process, the closing process, the building, the design, all the zillion details that Sherry had to deal with, went perfect for us, and I think we got the home that we dreamed of.